• Simmerin’ in the South

    In honor of:

    Magnolias and Margaret Mitchell,

    Baptists and the blues,

    The Appalachians and the Allman Brothers,

    Pecans and peaches,

    The Highlands and humidity….

    Here are some beautiful examples of Georgia folk art. Offering so much more than crispy fried chicken (yummm), the great state of Georgia can boast some talent. John “Cornbread” Anderson, Floria Yancey, and Howard Finster are some noted folk artists who have gained renown south of the shores of Tybee Island and even north of Ringgold.

    Georgia folk art is not complete without references to flora and fauna (Anderson), racial histories (Yancey), and religion (Finster). Together, these three artists represent the contentious history of our proud Southern culture, and the beauty that can be found within the Southern Struggle.