• Alphonse Mucha (24 July 1860 – 14 July 1939)

    One of the most interesting and distinctive Art Nouveau painters of his time and since, Mucha owes much of his remembered legacy to the diligence of his son, who spent much of his own life writing about the talent of his father. Many artists list Mucha as an influence, including one of my favorites: Stuckist painter Paul Harvey.

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  • Walter Chin / Glamour UK March 2012.

    Beeeeeehiiiiiiive. I wonder how many secrets that thing could hold…

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  • Vintage hairstyles. Gonna try one of these for work.

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  • The beginnings of fashion’s weird, hunchy-pouty pose. And so the descent begins….


    Mary Jane Russell in a pink petal evening gown, 1950s.

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  • Diggin it.


    Sarah Vaughan - Over The Rainbow (live)

  • Modern marketing majors take note: THIS is how to make a print ad.


    Taken from The Practical Householder, 1960

    Illustration by David Saunders

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